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Section 1
舊題 081025
場景 咨詢場景
題型 填空10
1. name: San Ruddiet
2. address: 30 Garden Avenue
3. her home number
4. Price: $104
5. Color: red
6. The problem part: handle
7. Suggested: Free repair
8. Specialty: Reusable dust bag
9. price: $190
10. color: silver
Section 3
場景 校園生活
題型 填空9, 選擇1
24. content summary, question handling, others
25. take care of the beginning stage
26. presentation, mustn’t read aloud from slide/note, students need to use...and white board
27. other features: the who process will be filmed coz it is useful for his future studies.
28. must plan time carefully
29. 15marks, 20 marks, 5 marks
30. A. photo journalism
解析: 這次的S3以填空題為主,所以主要還是考察對每一個題目的定位以及題干當中出現的同義替換。答案的拼寫都不是很難,主要還是要當心比如beginning的雙寫問題等。
Section 4
舊題 080246
場景 關于建筑大師的講座
題型 填空6, 選擇4
31. B. be impressed by his architecture
32. B. he want to do something to against the traditional style
33. B. he think there were more opportunities
34. A. after winning an international award
37. use as: Comfort center
38. specialty: large balcony
39. Use as: hypermarket
40. use as: transport museum

科目 雅思口語
考試日期 2016.5.21
hometown, museum, history, countryside, work or study, snacks, teacher, reading books, color, hurry time, house or apartment, stay up late, music concert, handwriting, subject, teamwork, travel, swimming, keep healthy, vegetables and fruits
Part 2 &3
Part 2 Describe a wedding you have been to
Part 2 Describe a big company you are interested in
Part 2 Describe a new skill you would like to learn
Part 2 Describe the first time that you used a foreign language to communicate
Part 2 Describe a sport that you have recently learnt for the first time
Describe a skill you want to learn
You should say:  
what it is
why you think it is important
how you are going to learn it
and explain why you want to learn the skill
If I ever get the chance to learn a new skill, I would like to learn karate which is a form of martial art. I had a great fascination and attraction to learn it but never had the chance actually to learn it. This is important for keeping a sound body and to remain fit. It is also a great weapon of self defense in time of adversity and sudden attack by rouge people.
The greatest benefit this karate offers is a discipline and self control. Besides the physical exercise, patience and hard work karate requires a great deal of mental power, calmness and a type of discipline which are necessary for a modest life.
If I get the chance, I would get admitted in a good karate learning training center that would offer a really good training so that I can efficiently learn it. I will need to devote a great deal of regular time and will have to have the determination to learn the necessary skill.
I would like to get involve in some kind of activity which is helpful to keep the body and soul sound. Physical exercise is one way to do that but karate would be more helpful as it would require steady patience and determination as well. I have found some of my friends and relatives found it very helpful in their lives and I was inspired by their discussion regarding the usefulness of this martial art.

科目 閱讀
考試日期 2016年5月21日

本次考試題型出現了概率較低的流程圖題該類題型,一般科技實驗工藝類文章出現居多,觀察表格的依次順序和位置進行解答。相關題型參考劍 5, P41 Bakelite和劍8 P43 sheet glass manufacture: the float process。Passage2 關于人類左右撇子的研究。之前劍橋和OG上出現的相似文章,參考OG test8 passage 3 left or right?和劍一 right and left-handedness in humans.
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科目 寫作
考試日期 2016.5.21
A 類小作文

A 類大作文
Some people believe that it is a moral obligation for countries to help each other, but others say that economic aids cannot reach the people in need. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
題型類別: 政府類
題材類別: 教育類
It is admitted that there are a host of people living in poverty and in desperate need of other nations’ aid despite the favorable globalization. However, there is skeptical concern that international donation is not reachable for the truly impoverished.
It is widely agreed that international aid is obligatory for the highly developed countries because they are the beneficiaries of the globalization. With the advancement of global economy, the economic powers benefit a lot and their citizens become better-off, whereas the gap between affluent countries and destitute ones is widening inevitably at the same time. Some people in the latter countries even have no access to water and food, let alone have the capability to fight against natural disasters and infected diseases. That is why those beneficiaries are morally supposed to assist their global villagers.
Nevertheless, it is worth worrying that donations from other states or international charitable organizations are not accessible due to national corruption. A great case in point is that some political officials in those needy countries abuse their authority to appropriate what should be distributed to their poor fellow citizens, which results in no improvement in the sufferers’ life. Even worse, some officials do not have a clear perspective of the real suffering owing to the restriction of transmitting information. They merely receive the contributions and dispense them arbitrarily, without any consideration about those who are sincerely awaiting and longing. 
Personally, I believe international aid should be encouraged on the whole for it is high time that those powers should undertake the responsibility to help underdeveloped countries. Meanwhile it is urgent and required to strengthen the supervision and management of the donations so as to ensure what the donators do is attainable to the needy.
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